1-8                      Akis Christou                   Cyprus 1880-1881: the Provisional Overprinted Issue

9-16                    Jean Voruz                      Swiss Postal Services Development 1862-1900

17-24                  Terje Heskestad             Postal History of the Southern Coast of Norway From 1719 to GPU

25-29                  Richard Flaška                Hradčany 1918

30-34                  Petr Flaška                       ČSR I – 1918-1939

35-39                  Josef Chudoba                Czechoslovakia – Hradčany 1918-1920

40-47                  Josef Chudoba                Czechoslovakia – Liberated Republic 1920

48-55                  Tomáš Mádl                    Czechoslovakia 1918-1939 (Philatelic Interests and Rarities)

56-60                  Tomáš Netušil                 Rumburg Overprint 1938

61-65                  Václav Pixa                      Czech Republic 1993-1995

66-73                  Jon Klemetsen                Czechoslovakia 1918-1928

74-81                  Jon Klemetsen                Czechoslovakia 1929-1939

82-89                  B. G. Bugallo                   Czech Scout Post 1918 (revolutionary Period)

90-94                  J. E. P. de la Vega            Phoenix: The Destruction and Reconstruct¡on of Czechoslovakia. Part I. Destruction

95-99                  J. E. P. de la Vega            Phoenix: The Destruction and Reconstruction of Czechoslovakia. Part II. Reconstruction

100-107              Garth Taylor                    A Study of The Third Issue of Czechoslovakian Airmail Stamps

108-115              Yvonne Wheatley           Czechoslovakia: The Masaryk 1920 & Allegory Issues 1920-1923.

116-120              Konstantin Penkov         Bulgarian Perfins

121-128              Orlin Todorov                 Small Lion Issue (1889-1901)

129-133              Michal Musil                   Austria 1850-1918

134-138              Václav Šraut                    Albania 1913-1945

139-146              Erik Benny Winther       The Classic Stamps of Denmark 1851-1863

147-151              Erik Benny Winther       Danish West Indies 1856-1917, Stamps and Postage Due

152-156              Marcus Olli                      Helsinki Citypost 1866 – 1891

157-161              Károly Szücs                    On the Rough Road of Independence- Beginings of the Domestic Stamp Production in Hungary

162-169              Jan Huys-Berlingin         Belgium’s 40c Imperforate Medallions (1849-1863)

170-174              Jon Klemetsen                Italy the Reign of Vittorio Emanuele III

175-179              A. J. Cristóvão                 Emission Camilo Castelo Branco

180-184              J. M. S. Violante              D. Carlos I – Diogo Neto Type

185-192              Rui Matos Alves              Study on the D. Carlos – Mouchon Issue Stamp

193-197              Boštjan Petauer              Charity Overprints on Bosnia & Herzegovina Definitive Stamps 1914-1917

198-202              J. A. B. Barreras               Spain 1873-1875. From the First Republic to Alfonso XII

203-210              Göran Persson                Sweden – The 4 Skilling Banco

211-218              Dmytro Frenkel               Airmail Stamps RSFSR and USSR 1922-1940.

219-223              Glen Stafford                  Nicaraguan Postage Stamps – The Gold Currency Surgarge of 1913

224-228              Radek Černý                    North Yemen 1920-1948

229-236              Petr Tuček                       Siam – The Provisional „Att“ Surcharges 1889-1899 on Second Issue and its Study

237-244              Eivind Lund                     Ecuador, the French Influence on the First Perforated Issue

245-249              Mukhlid Al Shikili            Arab Postal Day Joint Issue 2012

250-254              Eduardo Barreiros         Portuguese India – Crown Issues 1877 – 1883

255-259              Omar Ahmad                  A Glance on Stamps Used in Dubai

260-264              Markand Dave                The 1929 Air Mail Stamps Of India

265-272              Pavel Bouda                    Hradčany – Postal Using of the First Drawing

273-280              Milan Černík                   Restoration of Postal Operation in Czechoslovakia, after WW2

281-288              Miloš Červinka                Development of Postal Services in Děčín Region

289-296              Jiří Škaloud                      Hradčany Letter Mail in the First Postal Rate Period (Czechoslovakia 12/1918 – 05/1919)

297-304              Vladimír Münzberger    Perfins and their Forerunners in Cisleithania until 1900

305-312              Peter Severín                  Postmarks and Cancellations of Slovakia Post Offices in the Period 1850 – 1867

313-317              Jaroslav Borůvka            Post Office Jaroměř on the Route of the Silesian Course.

318-322              Miloš Červinka                Postal Service in the German Border Region of Bohemia in the Upheaval Periods of History on the Example of Area Děčín

323-327              Antonín Šmíd                  Prague Pneumatic Mail – Part II

328-332              Hartmut Liebermann    The Postmarks of Postal Agencies in the Czech Lands 1900-1958

333-337              György Tóth                    Forint-fillér

338-342              Demetris Charatsis        Cyprus Postmarks

343-349              Marcel Nadal                  Marseille: Maritime Entry Marks Up to the End of the XIXth Century

350-357              Dietrich Schmidt             Postal Emergency Measures during the Time of Inflation in the German Empire from 1918-1923

358-365              Reiner Schulze                Royal Saxony Post in Upper Lusatia 1816-1867

366-370              Maria Almpani               Crete 1940-46: The Harsh Years

371-378              Thomas Arvanitis           The Prephilatelic Period of the Hellenic Postal Service

379-383              Athanasios Paschos       The Exchange Control in Thessaloniki from 1931-1940 and 1957-1958

384-391              Giuseppe Razza               Ottoman Albania and its Relationship with Foreign Powers

392-399              Finn Bjørke                      The Norwegian Prestamp Cancellations 1845-1854

400-404              Jan Roots                         Estonia 1918

405-409              Jerzy Musial                    History of the  Post office the Koszalin Region until 1945. Shipments and Postage Stamps from 1756-1945

410-414              Pedro Vaz Pereira          The Portuguese Telegrams 1855-1925

415-419              Ion Chirescu                    Postal Service in Transilvania until 1867

420-427              Constantin Milu              Clasic Postal History of Romania

428-435              Péter Csicsay                   The Postal History of Kingdom of Hungary 1900-1918

436-440              Ladislav Fekete               The Austrian imperial and Royal Navy in the World War I.

441-445              Pavol Lazar                      Postal Administration in Slovakia 1850 – 1875; Tariffs and Franking

446-450              Branko Morenčič            From Independence to Euro

451-455              R. E. Pérez Gómez          Maritime Mail to Canary Islands and Overseas 1745-1875

456-460              Rickard Azelius               Mail between Sweden and France before the UPU

461-465              Stefan Heijtz                    Re-direction Charges Paid with GB Stamps 1840-1901

466-470              Per-Olof Jansson            Swedish Postage Dues 1892-1976

471-478              Gunnar Lithén                 Cancellations from Swedish Steamship Mail Post Offices from 1869 to 1951

479-483              Jan-Olof Ljungh               N.D.P. Items Sent to Overseas Destinations 1868-1871

484-488              Kjell Nilson                      Mixed Usage in Payment of Postage and Fees in Sweden and abroad 1888-1987

489-493              Simon Richards               The Postal History of Savoy to GPU

494-498              Pavel Ganichenko          Postage Rates of the USSR, Paid with Stamps of the First Definitive Issue „Go;d Standart 1923-1940“

499-506              Josep Lubinin                  Postal History of Kiev Province 1708-1925

507-514              Vitaliy Malov                   USSR. 1939-1941. Postal Service on Incorporated Territories.

515-522              Bernard Beston               Avis de Reception – Australia & Colonies

523-527              Roger Van Laere             History of the Borders of Peru and Bolivia

528-535              Nicholas Kirke                 Evoluation of Foreign Mail originating in New York City 1845 – 78′

536-543              Wilhelm Grundmann    Mongolia- Land of Genghis Khan. Post offices and Postmarks 1878 – 1939

544-551              Antonello Fumu             1845/85-The Mail Service in the North Africa Ports: Alexandria, Tunis, Algiers, Bone, Philippeville, Oran, Tangier and Tripoli of Barbary

552-559              J. M. V. T.  Zumárraga   Postal History of Córdoba (Prephilately)

560-564              Jan Berg                           The Postal History of Pre-colonial Samoa

565-572              Javaid Muhammad        UAE Postal History 1972-2000

573-577              Luc Delmon                     The Owls: These Cousins of the Night

578-582              Costas Christodoulidis  Meteorology (A Greek Science…)

583-590              Janusz Jaskulski               Fishing – My Hobby

591-595              Fritz Rüdiger                   The Lord of the Rings

596-600              Menachem Lador           2nd Oldest Profession – Intelligence Services

601-608              Yoram Lubianiker           Chess – the Game of War

609-613              Bjorn Eunnar Sollas        Deutsche Malerei vom Mittelalter bis zur neuen Sachlichkeit

614-618              Andrzej Kidzinski            Winter Olympic Games – Sports from Ice and Snow Land

619                      Nicolau Victor                 Beethoven, the Miracle of Music

620-624              František Sopko              The Games of Olympia – the Most Famous Games of All

625-632              Izhak Barak                      The Development of Aviation and Transportation of Mail by Air until 1914

633-640              Giannantonio Calani      The Old Dream of 4 Wheels

641-645              Wieslaw Dobrowolski   Textile Industry Dresses and Makes Lifemore Comfortable

646-650              Andrew Millington         The World of Copper: Properties, Uses, Production and Trade

651-655              Malik Al Shikili                Commemorative Issue of GCC Exhibition

656-660              Salim Zid                          Space Program in USSR   

661-665              Philip Rasmusen             Wagner. Will and Work

666-670              Guy Bardin                      Imaginary Story Told by the US 20th Fancies

671-675              Hans Großglaus               The Fascinating World of Music Automatons

676-683              Stephen Lachhein          Aufbruch in den Weltraum

684-688              László Miklós                   Hungarian athlets at the Modern Olympic Games

689-693              Massimiliano Bruno      The Amazing History of Jules Rimet World Cup

694-698              Pasquale Polo                 The Game of „Mare Nostrum“ Mediteranean Games

699-706              Adriana Chinaloglu        A Story of Romanian Royalty

707-714              Francisc Ambrush          100 Years of Romanian Commerce

715                      John Dibiase                   The Lions of Persia

716                      David Figg                        A Childs Plea – „Please, Have you Got a Cigarette Picture?“

717-721              Bruce Chadderton         Whakarewarewa – Living a Guided Life

722-726              John Moore                    Lord Howe Island – A Traveller’s Tale

727                      Christos Gikas                 Bacchus from Legend to Legacy

728                      Viktor Gaber                   „Veles – The Town of Continius Survival“

729-733              Nikos Varouxis               Stefanos Stournaras: Painter, Photographer and Postcard Editor Entrepreneur (Mari-Nick Collection)

734-738              Kobi Alexander               On the Way to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

739-743              N. G.-Octavian                Long Live the Beer

744-748              Alojz Tomc                       Principality of Monaco at the Beginning of the 20th Century

749-753              Per Bunnstad                  Skillingaryd – a Military Town

754-755              A.-E. Christou                  A Christmas Story

756-758              Jan Blažek                        Od Bachmače po Vladivostok – Bojová Cesta Čs. Legií v Rusku

759-760              Jan Hátrik                        Beasts

761                      Adam Hátrik                    Josef Bican

762-764              Martina Hátriková         Get to Know Japan

765-769              Vojtěch Zábojník            The Motorcar

770-772              Jaroslav Zikmund           Československo: Letecké Známky – Definitivní Vydání 1930

773-774              Milla Schuster                 Horses – the Companions of Humans

775-777              Khalid Al Attar                Life of Omani National

778-781              Jakub Pawlak                  Postal Consignments in Poland under Partition

782-784              L. Wierzbicki                   Rail Transport

785-787              J. P. M. Alves                   Once Upon a Time a Christmas Tradition

788-791              Ana-Aurora Muntean    Ballet

792-794              Aitana García Gómez     The Violin: The Prince of Stringer of Instrument

795-797              D. J. Guerrero                 Evolution and History of the Castle of Europe

798-799              T. S. García                      From Barter to Internet

800-802              Bernard Beston               Panama – Semi Postal Issues 1939 – 1949

803-804              Mark Desirio                   Victoria 2nd DLR Embossed Envelopes

805                      Paul Xavier                      Fiji – 1st & 2nd South Pacific Games Issues

806                      Tomáš Amler                  1927 4th Postage Due Provisional Issue (chainbreaker) 50/150 h

807                      František Dusbábek       Overprint PČ 1919 on the Austrian Expres Stamps Issue 1917

808                      Martin Jakubík                Postal Use of Stamps with TGM in 1920s – Rarities and Attractions

809                      Martin Jakubík                TGM on Jubilee Stamps 1923 and their Overprint Issues

810                      Rudolf Schindler             Československo: Sněm Karpatské Ukrajiny 1939

811-812              Pavel Švehla                    Western Hungary – Lajtabánság

813-814              Karel Veselý                    Postage Stamps of Stellaland

815                      György Szirtes                 In Memoriam György Endresz

816                      Giuseppe Cirneco           From Sparre to the De La Rue

817                      Pavol Lazar                      Miniature Sheet Bratislava 1937 – Globetrotter

818                      J. J. P. Martínez               Provisionals of Faroe Islands

819                      Vladimír Münzberger    Czechoslovak Monetary Reform 1953 – Europe

820                      Vladimír Münzberger    Czechoslovak Monetary Reform 1953 – Overseas

821                      Bernard Jusserand         French Military Missions in Rumania and South Russia, 1916-1920

822                      Jean-François Logette    Essays and Proofs of the Model Stockholm International Reply Coupon

823                      György Lővei                   Interim Use of the Czechoslovakian Air Mail Stamps during the Interim Period of the Czechoslovakian Currency Reform (01.06.1953-18.06.1953)

824                      Meer Kossoy                   Censorship of Foreign Printed Matter Correspondence in St. Petersburg – Petrograd (1876-1917)

825-827              B. Svetozarevikj               An Ambulance Post of the territory of R. N. Macedonia (1893 – 1993)

828                      R. Sredi                             Morocco – Military Post Office French Agadir 1914-1961

829                      Luís Frazão                      The British Packet Office at Lisbon and the Lisbon Handstamps

830                      Boštjan Petauer              Bosnia SHS Postal Rates 1918-1921

831-832              Nikola Nikolov                Mannerism and Baroque in Italian Art

833                      Ladislav Janoušek          Biathlon at the Winter Olympic

834                      Salvatore Picconi            Ave Maria Sung in Sardinian Language

835                      Doncho Georgiev           Motion of Black Gold

836-838              Klime Popovski               Saint Cyril and Methodius The Slav Teachers and Patrons of Europe

839                      Sinisha Pavleski               A Parrot’s Life for Me

840                      Igor Banas                       Czechoslovak Turf

841                      Milan Šajgalík                  Two Places under the Zobor Hill in Nitra

842                      Ian McMahon                 Canberra Tracking Stations

843                      Antoni Rigo Aguiló         Pegasus: Rockets Launched from Airplanes

844-848              Walter Hopferwieser    Space Mail

849-853              Heinz Klackl                     From „Vostok“ to the Scheduled Deorbitting of Space Station „MIR“

854-858              Bart Van Oppens            America, a Space Nation

859-863              Luc Delmon                     French Participation in Space Exploration

864-868              Alain Lentin                     European Experiments with Sounding Rockets

869-876              Stephen Lachhein          How Mankind’s Dream to Reach for the Stars Became Reality

877-881              Luigi Carlo Bussolino     United Europe In Space

882-886              Umberto Cavallaro        Italy in Space

887-891              Umberto Cavallaro        China –  a Long March to the Moon

892-896              P. D. Maddalena            The Manned Space Flights: USA and Russia since 1958 to the ISS

897-901              Stefano Mateassi           USA – from the Study of a Spaceplane to the Shuttle

902-906              Annibale Rega                 Russian Human Mission to Space Station from 1974 to 2021 from Salyut 3 to ISS

907-911              Giorgio Toniaccini          The Experimental Space Stations 

912-916              V.-A. Bartos                     Soviet International Manned Spaceflights

917-921              Paul Romanescu            Skylab Orbital American Station

922-926              Markand Dave                The Rocket Mails Of India 1934-44

1001-1005         Martin Walker                US – 1933-35 Byrd Antartic Expedition

1006-1010         Christian Czubek            Grönland – Kalaallit Nunaat, a Brief Survey through the Postal History between 1774 and 1939

1011-1018         Hugh Osborne                South Georgia Postal History, 1841 – 1945

1019-1026         Jiří Kraus                          Finding Antarctica – then Finding More of It

1027-1031         Jiří Kraus                          The First Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904

1032-1036         Dianne Saunders            Antartic Expedition Ships 1773 – 2020

1037-1041         Christian Czubek            In Night and Ice – Man In the Arctic

1042-1049         C. E. M. Manzati             North Pole Russian Drifting Base: NP1-NP31

1050-1054         Brian Callan                     Sir Hubert Wilkins – Australian Pole to Pole Pioneer

1055                   Jiri Kraus                          Dr. Václav Vojtěch – The First Czech in Antarctica

1056                   Daniel Bringer                 Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04

L1                        Ivan Leiš                           Stoletá Historie Výplatních Otisků z území Československa

L2                        Emanuel Lukeš               Stamps of Burma during World War II

L3                        Vladimír Malovík            Poštovní Použití Doplatních Známek na Území Československa v Letech 1918 – 1993

L4                        Miloslav Marčan            Catalog Of District Stamps Of Postal Authorities in Slovakia and Carpatian Ruthenia (after 1918)

L5                        Radek Novák                   Poštovní Známky – Koníček, nebo Investice

L6                        Milan Stodola                 Profesor Eduard Karel – Život a Dílo

L7                        V.Münzberger, …           Monografie Československých a Českých Známek a Poštovní Historie, 24. Díl, Perfiny z Území Československa

L8                        Ute & Elmar Dorr           The Orient Express 1883-1914

L9                        F. Steinert, H. Lahr         Handbuch der Überdruckausgabe 1939 des Protektorates Böhmen und Mähren

L10                      Elmar Dorr                      Historical Forays through the Postal History of the Town of Neustadt an der Haardt

L11                      Heinz Wewer                  Postalische Zeugnisse der Deutschen Besetzungsherrschaft im Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren

L12                      MABÉOSZ                        100 éves a MABÉOSZ

L13                      Nikolaos Karniaoutakis Large Hermes Heads of Greece – Observations on Identifying and Classifying the „Easier“ to Follow Values

L14                      Franco Rigo                     Venice and the Levant

L15                      Giuseppe Razza               The Treasure of the Eagles – Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3

L16                      V. Dudarev, …                 The Overprinted Levanevsky Stamps „Moscow – San Francisco Flight Over the N. Pole 1935 1R.“

L17                      K. Chojnowski,…             Philatelic Movement in Swiebodzice 1948-2020

L18                      Janusz Jaskulski               Fishing on Vintage Postcards

L19                      Zdzisław Mąka                History of the Post Office in Szczecin

L20                      P. M. Vaz Pereira            Os Correios Portugueses 1853-1900 in the 500 Years of the Portugueses Post

L21                      C-H Barbu                        From Nature to Plate- Illustrated Gastronomy

L22                      Ioan Dejugan                  Hermanstadt Illustrated History 2 Volumes

L23                      Dan-Simion Grecu          Leters from War Prissoniers 1914-1918

L24                      Miroslav Bachratý          Slovensko 1938-1945 Poštová História

L25                      Ivan Tvrdý                        Historical Review of Names of Postal Offices in Slovakia

L26                      Rok Lampe                      Sokols in Philately

L27                      J. Sevenhuijsen,…           The Hradcany – A Technical History Part 1 and Part 2 Appendix

L28                      Bulgarian Philat. Acad.  Annual Bulletin 2020

L29                      Jan Petrás,Radek Jásek  Zpravodaj České Asociace pro Olympijskou a Sportovní Filatelii „Hry XXXII. Olympiady Tokio 2020“

L30                      Latvijas Pasts                   Latvijas Postmarkas / Postage Stamps of Latvia /Lettische Briefmarken INFO

L31                      Polski Zwiaz. Filat.          Filatelista

L32                      Secção Filatélica …         Philatelic Magazine Selos & Moedas

L33                      Américo Lopes Rebelo  Articles on Maximaphilia, Philately and Cartophilia Related to the World of Poultry and S.l. Benfica …

L34                      Andrés Galarón Calvo    Weekly Philatelic Items in the Diario de Burgos 2020/2022

L35                      Mark Wilson                   Czechout

L36                      Sfd.“Petko.Karaivanoff“ Catalogue Post Stamps 1879-2019

L37                      Enke Detlef                      PIN Brandenburg Briefmarkenkatalog

L38                      Meer Kossoy                   Forms of Receipts and Stamped Paper of the Post Department 1807-1864

L39                      Adam Szuler                    Occasional Labels under the R-label with Barcode (2006-2012)

L40                      Dan Dobrescu                 Computer Stamp Catalog

L41                      Gunnar Lithén                 Facit Special Classic 2022

L42                      Mikhael Kramarenko     „Big Russia“ 2nd Edition

L43                      James Taylor                   The 1925-1927 Voyage of the German Survey Ship Meteor the Secret Mission and Surprising Scientific Discoveries

L44                      S. E. de Filatelie Polar    Correo Polar

L45                      Stefan Heijtz                    Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies 1800-2020

L46                      Serge Kahn                      Charcot in the Antarctic

L47                      Antonín Boháček            Polární Zpravodaj

L48                      Sinisha Pavleski               Postage Stamps 2021

L49                      David Lu                           The Journal of China Philately (Vol. 8)

L50                      Stephen Bennett            The Antarctic Compendium

L51                      Eugenio de Quesada     Chasquis

L52                      Eugenio de Quesada     El Correo Sin Correos En Espaňa, Siglos XV. al XIX. Cartas de Fraude y Fuera de Valija