The Mendel Polar Station is a Czech research station in Antarctica on the coast of James Ross Island. It was founded by polar explorer Prof. Pavel Prošek. It was inaugurated in February 2007, making the Czech Republic the 26th country with its own scientific base on the continent. The station is owned by the Masaryk University in Brno and was named after the founder of modern genetics, the meteorologist Johann Gregor Mendel.

The Brno scientific expedition went to Antarctica.

The Brno scientific expedition went to Antarctica. It will study soil, climate and stress.

Scientists from the Masaryk University set off on another expedition to Antarctica in December 2021, where they plan to study long-term changes in the soil there and the effect of polar conditions on the human body under stress. In addition, they will continue to monitor the climate and monitor ecosystems. Brno representatives in the 16-member expedition will also be joined by experts from Leeds and Charles University in Prague. They will also test new jackets and reinforcement tiles in polar conditions. The expedition will return in March.

The group first set off from Brno by bus to Vienna, from where they flew to Chile. The enclosed postcards are from stops in Chile, where the expedition quarantined, and we are very happy to show them to you.
Later, after completing the quarantine, they continued on to the Johann Gregor Mendel base.

Front row from left: prof. Prošek, Vendula Koublová (microbiologist), Petr Škamrala (technician), Dan Nývlt (program manager); middle row from left: Lucia Pastíriková (geomorphologist), Lucie Ráčková (human physiologist), Chris Stringer (geomorphologist), Filip Haiduk (expedition doctor); last row from left: Michael Matějka (climatologist), Jana Smolíková (glaciologist), Michaela Kňažková (geomorphologist), Filip Hrbáček (expedition leader), Kamil Láska (climatologist), Peter Váczi (plant physiologist), Ondřej Nedělčev (glaciologist). Excused: Zbyněk Engel (glaciologist), František Vorel and Jareček Gerža (technicians).