Yigal Nathaniel

FIP consultant

Yigal Nathaniel (Israel) 

email: natani7@zahav.net.il

  • FIP director since 2016, FIP Director for Europe since 2016, FIP Board member responsible for the commission for youth and the commission for Maximaphilately,
  • voluntary teaching about stamp collecting in elementary schools in Israel since 2007, active in the organized philately since 1990,
  • exhibitions: the Japan Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Issues and the Dutch first issue,
  • the collection of Japan – Hand Engraved Stamps received Grand Prix d’honeur award in Philakorea 2002 and has been published in three different books (the second book received the literature award for the year 2004 from the JPS),
  • served as a Commissioner for numerous exhibitions,
  • qualified as National as well as International Juror at many exhibitions all over the world,
  • one of three leaders of the Israeli Philatelic Federation for the last 30 years,
  • actively involved in the last three world stamps exhibitions in Israel.