Milestones – European Stamp Exhibition and Polar Salon LIBEREC 2022

(Changed on 30th December 2021)

January 9th 2021 Provisional Patronage granted by the FEPA at its Board Conference meeting

February 22nd 2021 IREX approved by FEPA board

April 30th 2021 IREX and Exhibit Application Form published

January 31st 2022 Commissioner Appointment and Jury Nomination (up to three jurors)

February 28th 2022 Entry forms must be received by the National Commissioners (6.4.)

March 31st 2022 National Commissioners must submit the entry forms to the Commissioner General (6.4.)

April 30th 2022 Notification of Application acceptance (7.1.)

May 31st 2022 Payment of due invoices due (8.1.)

July 1st 2022 Last date for receipt of Literature exhibits (16.2.)

August 1st 2022 Last date for change of revised front pages or synopsis to Jury (8.2.)

August 1st 2022 Last day for transmission of scans (14.5.).

October 13th 2022 Exhibition opens (2.2.)

October 16th 2022 Exhibition closes (2.2.)