Jiří Kraus

President of the Organizing Committee: 

Jiří Kraus
email: jiri.kraus@liberec2022.cz

  • Member of: Czech Philatelic Union, The Royal Philatelic Society London, The Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain, The American Society of Polar Philatelists, Czech Polar Collectors section, Prestige Philately Club, etc.
  • Member of German and Australian polar philately clubs.
  • Exhibits: Finding Antarctica – Then finding more of it (Large Gold Medal), First Swedish Antarctic expedition 1901 – 1904 (Gold Medal), Dr. Václav Vojtěch – First Czech in Antarctica (Gold Medal)
  • Focuses on collecting of postal documents from Antarctica. Great propagator of so called Polar philately.
  • Company director, http://msv-lbc.cz/